Live Betting – hints, tips, tricks Part 2


Recently I was in a conversation with a friend who earns betting, stumbled upon a very interesting strategy to live betting on football. This friend told me that he is relying primarily on the betting exchanges, including the famous Betsson (the benefits are clear – 90% of the higher odds, but especially here so you can build on. “Bank” is thanks to the great fluctuation of exchange rates). It is a huge price fluctuations is the foundation of his strategy. One assumption is that the bet is offered live and you can watch this match live. Another condition is that they scored just one goal. SCOR is thus 0-1 or 1-0, with the best when winning favorite.

While watching the match, a minute before the break usually you can see that by the end of the match they will probably not scored any goal. This can happen at any time, of course, yes, but this strategy is based on the theory that neither team will want before going to the locker room to collect.

Then, you return to the stock market and bet that you will be (back) “under 2.5 goals”. Ideally, this act will be directed to the 40th minute of the match. Chances are often quite high – eg. 2.6. Then again for a moment, sit back and watch the action on the pitch.

In the last minutes before the start of the second half on the stock exchange indicates many changes. The course is often changed from 2.6 to 2.2, which is a perfect situation for a safe bet. For now we go back to the stock market and you bet that falls “under 2.5 goals”. This means that in both cases, you have a certain profit. These gains are small, but in the long run can earn decently.

General Tips

Finally, we have prepared for you a few general types that I have for years tracked betting. Since I deal primarily betting on football, will be associated with this sport, though it certainly can convert and many other sports.

Worse first team scores first, and in the first minutes of the match
In most cases, when a much worse team scores first and the very beginning of the game, it happens that the stronger team leans into it, quickly settle and eventually win the game, especially at home matches. When you live betting, this situation is a great opportunity to bet on the favorite loser, because it will have a much higher rate. The sooner weaker team scores, the greater the chance that the second team match turns is. This applies approximately 80% of cases. When harnessed this finding, of course, but you should be familiar with all the other important aspects – for example, team motivation, the overall mood of the team, with injuries and so on.

2. About half of the match ends in the first half juice 0-0
It follows that if you like betting under/over, you can try a system that I described in the previous rows.

3. The exclusion of players
If the team wins and one of his players is excluded, it does not mean that it loses. But it may mean (and also in the more than two-thirds of the cases really means) that had he failed to score another goal. Therefore, it is the right opportunity for this bet under. The winning team had to concentrate more on ubránění prior. The later a player is sent, the more likely it will happen.

However, unless the player is sent off very early, for example, during the first 15 minutes, usually reckon with the fact that a weakened team behind it will be rewarded with at least one goal. This applies especially in the aligned matches.

Besides the fun and excitement of a much larger live betting hence a lot of practical uses and benefits, which in the normal betting lose. Moreover evidenced by the fact that a lot of professional bettors him swear a classic pre-match bet would be very reluctant.

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