Psychology betting – Framing effect

Teach a man how to bet on sports, it is quite simple. On the Internet there is a large variety of data, statistics, sports news and other materials that today’s customers to make the job easier. But teach a man of good betting psychology is much harder. To become a successful punters, you have to overcome many cognitive biases that shade the correct judgment. With this we can help you in a series of articles on Psychology betting.


In this article (and many others), we will focus on the concept, the existence of which many bettors does not work. This is the psychology of gambling. To be more precise – we look at human nature and the role it plays in our mentality decisions. Cognitive psychology is concerned with this issue for a long time. Many bettors needlessly losing their money because they are victims of their own psychology. Therefore, we will try to explain various concepts simple form and through examples so that you understand everything and then used the newly acquired information to enable you to become more successful punters.

What is tapered framing?

Effect framing or narrow framing (sometimes uses the term “tunnel vision,” which does not reflect the essence of the phenomenon but not exactly) is that we see things the way they look on the outside, instead of what they really are. A little morbid example: If you come to the murder scene and you see someone standing over the victim with a knife, you’ll very likely to think that the person is a murderer. Yes, it’s possible, but it is equally possible that you do not jump to conclusions.

Narrowed framing betting

This psychological phenomenon is often reflected in deciding which team to bet. If, for example, will play Manchester United against Chelsea and MU will have several key players injured, many bettors would immediately sided with Chelsea. Let’s say that he would miss Van Persie, Nani and Vidic. Bookmakers under this actually adapts courses, but Chelsea is still an outsider. At the same time there are that MU is a better rate than it would under normal circumstances. Many bettors would but let subconsciously influence of the “magical” buzzword injury and would bet on Chelsea. And doing it without any further analysis. This bet would make sense, for example, if the course was really great at Chelsea and would thus betting opportunity offered great value, however, and usually get a good rate. Bookmakers courses created by the situation and just really rarely make a big mistake that can take advantage of punters.

This situation clearly falls under the effect of framing. If you perform the analysis, you would see that the players who will start for the injured trio, also have quality and MU is thus still very strong team. There are random example. Rooney, Valencia and Evans. These three players would fit into the starting lineup vast majority of teams in the world. The team thus is not particularly weakened.

As I always repeat, is betting on collecting small advantages. Yes, Manchester United lost some firepower, but alternates are of such quality that the difference is quite minimal. There are plenty of such situations, so true that you should make decisions based on sound analysis, not by intuition, subconscious, etc …

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