Psychology betting – Framing effect

Teach a man how to bet on sports, it is quite simple. On the Internet there is a large variety of data, statistics, sports news and other materials that today’s customers to make the job easier. But teach a man of good betting psychology is much harder. To become a successful punters, you have to overcome many cognitive biases that shade the correct judgment. With this we can help you in a series of articles on Psychology betting.


In this article (and many others), we will focus on the concept, the existence of which many bettors does not work. This is the psychology of gambling. To be more precise – we look at human nature and the role it plays in our mentality decisions. Cognitive psychology is concerned with this issue for a long time. Many bettors needlessly losing their money because they are victims of their own psychology. Therefore, we will try to explain various concepts simple form and through examples so that you understand everything and then used the newly acquired information to enable you to become more successful punters.

What is tapered framing?

Effect framing or narrow framing (sometimes uses the term “tunnel vision,” which does not reflect the essence of the phenomenon but not exactly) is that we see things the way they look on the outside, instead of what they really are. A little morbid example: If you come to the murder scene and you see someone standing over the victim with a knife, you’ll very likely to think that the person is a murderer. Yes, it’s possible, but it is equally possible that you do not jump to conclusions.

Narrowed framing betting

This psychological phenomenon is often reflected in deciding which team to bet. If, for example, will play Manchester United against Chelsea and MU will have several key players injured, many bettors would immediately sided with Chelsea. Let’s say that he would miss Van Persie, Nani and Vidic. Bookmakers under this actually adapts courses, but Chelsea is still an outsider. At the same time there are that MU is a better rate than it would under normal circumstances. Many bettors would but let subconsciously influence of the “magical” buzzword injury and would bet on Chelsea. And doing it without any further analysis. This bet would make sense, for example, if the course was really great at Chelsea and would thus betting opportunity offered great value, however, and usually get a good rate. Bookmakers courses created by the situation and just really rarely make a big mistake that can take advantage of punters.

This situation clearly falls under the effect of framing. If you perform the analysis, you would see that the players who will start for the injured trio, also have quality and MU is thus still very strong team. There are random example. Rooney, Valencia and Evans. These three players would fit into the starting lineup vast majority of teams in the world. The team thus is not particularly weakened.

As I always repeat, is betting on collecting small advantages. Yes, Manchester United lost some firepower, but alternates are of such quality that the difference is quite minimal. There are plenty of such situations, so true that you should make decisions based on sound analysis, not by intuition, subconscious, etc …

Live Betting – hints, tips, tricks Part 2


Recently I was in a conversation with a friend who earns betting, stumbled upon a very interesting strategy to live betting on football. This friend told me that he is relying primarily on the betting exchanges, including the famous Betsson (the benefits are clear – 90% of the higher odds, but especially here so you can build on. “Bank” is thanks to the great fluctuation of exchange rates). It is a huge price fluctuations is the foundation of his strategy. One assumption is that the bet is offered live and you can watch this match live. Another condition is that they scored just one goal. SCOR is thus 0-1 or 1-0, with the best when winning favorite.

While watching the match, a minute before the break usually you can see that by the end of the match they will probably not scored any goal. This can happen at any time, of course, yes, but this strategy is based on the theory that neither team will want before going to the locker room to collect.

Then, you return to the stock market and bet that you will be (back) “under 2.5 goals”. Ideally, this act will be directed to the 40th minute of the match. Chances are often quite high – eg. 2.6. Then again for a moment, sit back and watch the action on the pitch.

In the last minutes before the start of the second half on the stock exchange indicates many changes. The course is often changed from 2.6 to 2.2, which is a perfect situation for a safe bet. For now we go back to the stock market and you bet that falls “under 2.5 goals”. This means that in both cases, you have a certain profit. These gains are small, but in the long run can earn decently.

General Tips

Finally, we have prepared for you a few general types that I have for years tracked betting. Since I deal primarily betting on football, will be associated with this sport, though it certainly can convert and many other sports.

Worse first team scores first, and in the first minutes of the match
In most cases, when a much worse team scores first and the very beginning of the game, it happens that the stronger team leans into it, quickly settle and eventually win the game, especially at home matches. When you live betting, this situation is a great opportunity to bet on the favorite loser, because it will have a much higher rate. The sooner weaker team scores, the greater the chance that the second team match turns is. This applies approximately 80% of cases. When harnessed this finding, of course, but you should be familiar with all the other important aspects – for example, team motivation, the overall mood of the team, with injuries and so on.

2. About half of the match ends in the first half juice 0-0
It follows that if you like betting under/over, you can try a system that I described in the previous rows.

3. The exclusion of players
If the team wins and one of his players is excluded, it does not mean that it loses. But it may mean (and also in the more than two-thirds of the cases really means) that had he failed to score another goal. Therefore, it is the right opportunity for this bet under. The winning team had to concentrate more on ubránění prior. The later a player is sent, the more likely it will happen.

However, unless the player is sent off very early, for example, during the first 15 minutes, usually reckon with the fact that a weakened team behind it will be rewarded with at least one goal. This applies especially in the aligned matches.

Besides the fun and excitement of a much larger live betting hence a lot of practical uses and benefits, which in the normal betting lose. Moreover evidenced by the fact that a lot of professional bettors him swear a classic pre-match bet would be very reluctant.

Live Betting – hints, tips, tricks

Betting before the match is in some cases quite uncertain and tricky business. In many cases, although you get a much more favorable rate, but on the other hand, your bet is exposed to the factor of chance, which increases in direct proportion to how to distance themselves from the date of the start of the match and the date of closing itself bets. Let’s say for a week. That’s enough time for all the key players injured or outbreak of conflicts in the team, which could be disastrously sign on its performance. Never you just can not be sure it does not happen as much as you can be sure that somewhere not hurt yourself or someone nepohádáte.

But once you team lined up for the match itself, opportunities for bankruptcy is much less. All the key players in their own eyes see their positions as whistle too you know that it probably does not hurt anything anywhere and are in good shape, because it runs very well. This is probably the biggest advantage of live betting, which is far from the only one.

In the first minutes of the match, say a football match, you can also feel the dominance of one team and its deployment. You know about themselves – a bet on your favorite team, which is almost always active, but when you just need the hottest, enters the match completely dead, though perhaps not slept the night before. They can of course start up time, but sometimes you just have immobilized. In live betting you can react flexibly to changes in moods team, to the exclusion of some players on the weather or heightened rivalry, which may result in a lot of fouls.

Unless for live betting decide, yet this does not mean that they will be listed low rates. The advantage is that the odds are constantly changing, which can have a maximum profit. Does your favorite low rate? So let’s wait for 15-20 minutes, unless anyone fails to score, odds are certainly rise. And this fact can be used in many other situations. Got your favorite unfortunate goal and by the end there is still half full? Come on now is just the best opportunity to bet on it. The course will certainly be more promising as a time to end is still a lot.

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Dramatic price fluctuations occurs primarily in tennis. So here is also plenty of room for vyčíhnutí the right situation and bet at a much higher rate than is offered to you before the game. On the other hand, however, pay attention to the type of bet – who will win the next game, or who wins the next point. Although tennis is for professional bettors one of the most profitable sports betting are just short game of tennis on the contrary, the nejprodělečnějším place.

If the betting and sports so much more familiar with it, can be a great advantage for you valuable comment that in some important matches on television stations accompanies the game. Some observations an interested and well informed man can assemble even a few minutes a valuable profile that you in your tip may encourage or even direct you somewhere completely different. Even if you have this information collected before the game and especially if they are about to embark on a professional career, we must admit that it is comfortable. And sometimes also get extra information that you yourself probably hard to get.

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